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How did I catch the travel bug? It’s the only bug I’ll ever want to catch! Read on…

Before 2007, I had travelled around our beautiful Province for Stay-Cations (before that term was even coined) and had travelled to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario. And a one day venture into the state of New York (see below). I also lived in Manchester England for almost 3 months when I was 10 with my parents when my Dad was on a work exchange program and we did as much travel-tourist things that we could do on the weekends, including Edinburgh Scotland, Llandudno Wales and London England. So I’ve always enjoyed going new places and exploring.

Shadows of Hubby and I overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Oregon

3 Continents, 30 countries, 8 Provinces and 2 Territories in Canada, 44 States in USA (including Hawaii twice and Alaska by cruise) and counting!

So, the first trip that inspired this blog was from 2007…it was the second time I had been in the USA. The first time was a trip over the bridge at Niagara Falls to Buffalo, New York. The company for that trip was very good, but Buffalo wasn’t the prettiest place in the world. So my husband had to do a LOT of convincing to get me to go back to the USA again. But he convinced me that the west coast would be fine. He was right. This was our first of 6 trips to Oregon!


We drove a part of the famous Route 101 that goes along the whole west coast of the US. Check out some of the wonderful scenery below….and an added bonus for me are the number of lighthouses along the pacific coast! I love lighthouses!!! Not only does it have beautiful scenery, but it has tax-free shopping! If you ever have a chance, go to Oregon!

The coastline is very twisty….

Plane, Train, Automobile, and Boat!

And so after this trip to Oregon, the travelling commenced in earnest. We have travelled to 3 Continents, 30 countries, 8 Provinces and 2 Territories in Canada, 44 States in USA (including Hawaii twice and Alaska by cruise) and counting! We have travelled by plane, train, ferry, auto and cruiseship. I want to share with you through this blog our journeys using photos and how travel can inspire my art, even if I’m not painting scenes from our travels! I hope you keep following and enjoy!

Siuslaw National Forest – I love the blurry effect while driving (Note: I’m the passenger!)

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