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Brighten your day, or someone else’s day, with the gift of art!

I’m well known for my unique style of capturing the essence of iconic scenery or focusing on detailed, cropped perspectives of common subjects. By providing this unique vantage point, the viewer’s natural curiosity is engaged.

In addition to my award-winning original paintings, I offer a wide selection of my artwork as fine art prints and gift items. These include Note Cards, Ornaments, Matted Prints, Designer Canvas, 500pc Jigsaw Puzzles, GLOWE (in-the-dark) art, and more!

Fun & Easy Acrylic Painting


Learn how to paint with a certified instructor with over 20 years of experience. Classes for every skill level, including those who have never picked up a paintbrush before!

I want to encourage you to awaken your inner artist, explore your creativity, and fall in love with painting. My step-by-step videos and guides will inspire you to create beautiful paintings.

What makes my classes different? I provide a student support group, unlimited email access, PLUS 1-on-1 private learning sessions ALL INCLUDED.



Inspiration comes in many forms. Photos capture memories and can transport you to places around the world.

Photography has been a lifelong passion, along with my painting. I take reference photos to create artwork, but many times, the photograph is artwork itself.

Whether the photo is of a cityscape, mountain range, sunset, or animals, I capture the beauty in unexpected ways. Photos are a gift that conveys emotions and ideas through imagery.

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