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Original Art Mini-GLOWE (in-the-Dark) Sets


Original Art Mini-GLOWE (in-the-Dark) Sets

Small Original GLOWE paintings that Glow-in-the-Dark with a variety of scenes and/or silhouettes. Starry nights illuminate, sunsets glow, and trees cast shadows!

Using thin layers of luminescent paint, work takes on a dual personality – seemingly one artwork with the lights on, and another when they are off.

Custom mini-GLOWE Orders accepted. Contact Brenda to discuss.

The delivery time of custom mini-GLOWE products will be be 3-5 weeks to account for the time to hand-paint each canvas.

Several canvases sizes to choose from:

– 3”x3” in a set of 6

– 4”x4” in a set of 5

– 5”x5” in a set of 4

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