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Moon Over St. John’s


Moon Over St. John’s

Moon Over St. John’s has the glowing moon highlighting the most prominent and well known buildings of our skyline.

GLOWE is original, unique, hand-painted glow-in-the-dark art. FIRST and ONLY in Newfoundland! By using over a dozen glow-in-the-dark colours on top of the original painting, I can create a dual image. The daytime image transforms into a completely new experience at night.

I also have used my local printing company to reproduce this image on canvas and then I hand-paint the glow onto the artwork. EVERY reproduction is unique because the glow is hand-painted!

Moon Over St. John’s is available in various options including the original and Designer Canvas Prints. Use the drop down feature to see all available options and pricing.

The original artwork is available. It is an acrylic painting on Gallery Canvas with glow-in-the-dark paint also applied. It is ready to hang.

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