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Fogo Isle Red


Fogo Isle Red

Fogo Island is the largest offshore Island in Newfoundland. Joe Batt’s Arm is a picturesque fishing outport community on Fogo and was built upon the cod fishery. Life here is still tied to the sea. Numerous fishing stages can be viewed in Joe Batt’s Arm and on Fogo Island in general. A fishing stage is a wooden building, typical of the traditional buildings associated with the fishery. Traditionally, they are painted with a red paint – Fogo Isle Red is appropriately named!.

Fogo Isle Red  is available in various options ranging from Note Cards, Matted Prints, Designer Canvas Prints, Aluminum Reproductions, Ornaments and more! Use the drop down feature to see all available options and pricing.

The original artwork is sold.

Prices start at $5.

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