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  • Cups – Anytime Art Adventures Paint-Along Class at Home

Cups – Anytime Art Adventures Paint-Along Class at Home


PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS & those with some experience

Paint-along with Brenda step-by-step using her detailed videos!

Includes email access to Brenda and 2 Live private 15-minute meetings on ZOOM

Course Opens December

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Who is this course for?

  • Those with NO painting experience (we go step-by-step)
  • Those with some painting experience

About Brenda Rowe Artwork’s Online Anytime Art Adventures Paint-Along Class at Home

If you’ve always wanted to learn to paint, you can finally achieve that goal, and from the comfort of your own home! Through Brenda Rowe Artwork, you can enroll in an online acrylic painting course that lets you learn anytime, anywhere. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Painting is much more enjoyable when you can learn the proper techniques and concepts. Each of my courses will take you through step-by-step in the creation process – from supplies, how to start the painting, and all the techniques you will need to complete the painting.

All from the comfort of your own home, whenever you have free time, and at your own pace.

Over 2 hours of detailed, step-by-step video instruction.

I would love more painting classes and I especially like the online format…Thanks so much Brenda! – Stephanie

It has become harder to find supplies locally, so you can now purchase art supplies that you need for all my courses directly from me! I will have pre-packaged supplies available for each course – Starter’s packages and Premium Packages. And if you already have some supplies, I will also have limited supplies for sale individually. I do not markup the supplies, so you will save 25-30% on the supply packages (based on MSRP plus tax).

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “I could never do that – I can’t even draw a straight line.” We don’t often paint straight lines! And you can absolutely learn to paint! The step-by-step instruction in my classes will help you get it right from the beginning.

This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to paint – from the comfort of your own home!

My years of experience and wealth of knowledge and skills will help you discover your own love of painting. And these paint-along classes will give you everything you need to complete your painting!

I really appreciate the step by step instructions and the creation process. – Doug

If more than one person in the household will be taking the course, EACH participant MUST register and pay the fee.


See POLICIES for more information.

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