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Bidin’ My Time


Bidin’ My Time

This child is patiently waiting for the Capelin to roll onto the Beach while sitting on Grandfather’s bucket. The Capelin will make a delightful meal!

The image of tens of thousands of small silver fish called Capelin just under the surface of the water captures your imagination right from the beginning. They come to NL beaches every year to spawn, and their arrival is a spectacle that draws in thousands of birds and whales who often put on a show of their own.

The arrival of the capelin heralds the beginning of summer weather, along with a chance to spy humpback whales coming to feed on these slender, speedy fish. And they’re also a traditional delicacy, fresh from the ocean for a short season.

Bidin’ My Time is available in various options ranging from Note Cards, Matted Prints, Designer Canvas Prints, Ornaments and more! Use the drop down feature to see all available options and pricing.

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