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I offer unique experiential workshops and creative seminars which allow participants to learn work-related skills in a different and creative way. Participants will come away as a stronger team and are more willing to share each other’s ideas and foster a more positive and productive workforce.

Below you will find a listing of Corporate and Group Workshops that I currently offer. These workshops provide opportunities for creative learning, team-building, problem-solving.  I can usually tailor the workshop to your specifications.

I have worked with community outreach groups, art groups, college courses, governments, and businesses for personal development days for over 15 years. I have over 20 years teaching experience and hold a teaching certificate from Memorial University.

The ABC’s – Art Building Creativity

This workshop allows participants to explore their untapped creative potential, following Brenda’s lead, each artist producing their own artwork.

It’s a lot of fun, and encourages critical thinking in selecting appropriate colours, focus in following instructions, and the license to express one’s self in a creative form.

Starting from the same reference photo, it’s always wonderful to watch participants compare their artwork at the end of the session.

Workshops can be designed to meet your team’s needs and goals. Schedule a ABC Paint-Along for your group, with a minimum of five participants, at the office, at an offsite location, or at Brenda’s studio in beautiful Torbay.

Mural Mosaics – The Art of Team-Building

Join established artist and experienced instructor, Brenda Rowe, for a day of creativity and cooperation. In this engaging workshop, your team will come together to create a mural mosaic, each working on a small section of a selected image, which are then brought together like a jigsaw to reveal an end-of-the-day masterpiece!

This workshop is a great way to encourage individual creative expression and teamwork, with the final mosaic often displayed on an office wall for all to see.

Corporate art workshops can be scheduled as half- or full-day events, with a minimum of five participants, and can take place at your workplace, at Brenda’s art studio, or at another off-site location.

Knives Out! – Get Loose with Palette Knives

Want to encourage creative thinking, self-confidence and freedom of expression in your workplace? It’s time to get the knives out! Palette knives, that is, for a fun three-hour workshop using these inventive instruments that provide a looser painting style than the conventional brush.

Participants will each be given a knife (don’t worry, they aren’t sharp!) They will then follow Brenda’s lead, each completing their very own painting in just three hours, making this an ideal option for a half-day teambuilding event.

A minimum of five participants is required, and workshops can be held at your workplace, at Brenda’s art studio, or at an alternate off-site location of your choosing.

Tangled Up in Zen – Just Doodle it!

Are you apt to discourage doodling in the workplace? While it might be considered a sign of short attention, the art of doodling is actually very therapeutic. What’s more, as the basis for a teambuilding workshop, it’s a simple and accessible way to get even the most art-averse employee to let down their guard and put pencil to paper.

In this half-day workshop, participants will learn the soothing art of zentangles, an easily learned, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Drawing zentangles offers a number of proven benefits, such as calming the mind, improving hand-eye coordination, relieving stress and increasing attention span.

Schedule a half-day workshop for a minimum of five participants, and choose to host it at your workplace, at Brenda’s studio, or at another offsite location.

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