Youth and Teen Painting Classes (ages 8-18)

Does your child love art? I know I was very artistic as a child and loved going to art class.

I will be offering painting classes for teens and young adults aged 8-18. They are structured as 8-week long sessions with each class being 1.5 hours each.

There will be a mixture of free-form time, where the student can work on their individual paintings with appropriate guidance from me. There will also be time when the whole class will work on a specific project, practice techniques, or learn and practice art theory. The students can also have input into the class activities!

The session will only cost $200 (no tax) for the 8 weeks and will include canvases, paints, brushes and other art supplies. 

If you are interested in signing up for a Teen/Youth Session, please contact me by telephone 437-7693 or e-mail I will need the age(s) of the students and your preferred class time.


  • Afternoons 4:30-6:00pm Monday - Friday
  • Evenings 6:30-8:00pm Monday - Thursday



  • Mornings 10:00-11:30am Saturday/Sunday
  • Afternoons 12:00-1:30pm Saturday/Sunday


Private lessons also available $50/hour, all painting supplies included. Contact me to discuss availability.

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