Travel Thursday - Vimy Memorial, France 2012

    I waited to post this particular Travel Thursday installment on a specific day, today, April 9, 2017, which is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (part of the Battle of Arras).

    I have just finished watching the live coverage of the ceremony at the Vimy Memorial. It was very beautiful. They had replica WWI planes fly overhead at the beginning of the ceremony. All of the speeches (PM Trudeau, HRH Price Charles, and Frane's President Hollande) all spoke of the sacrifices, the partnerships and the reason they were all fighting together...for PEACE. Lovely tributes.

    I was fortunate enough to visit the Vimy Memorial on a cold, overcast, drizzly day in October 2012. We had visited Beaumont-Hamel at the break of dawn and then travelled to Vimy. We didn't get to walk the tunnels or the trenches here on that day as we had arrived before the site was open for the day. We are fortunate enough to be returning to Vimy and Beaumont-Hamel this fall. We will also be visiting the Caribou trail monuments and several other WWI and WWII monuments in the area. It is very important to remember the past, especially the sacrifices for our freedom and the hope that history will not have to repeat itself.

    The Monument was larger than I had even imagined....the sheer scale cannot be truly felt unless you have the chance to see it for yourself. However, I am showing you many of the photos I took that day, so hoping you can imagine the scale and perhaps you may even feel the need to visit for yourself.

    The alley on the way to the Monument

    First view of the Memorial

    Commemorative Plaque

    Back view of Monument 

    Note the red "object" on the side...that was a person...shows the scale of the monument somewhat

    Up-Close view of Front of Monument

    One of the Statues on the Monument

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    Full view of Front

    View from the Monument

    Sheep grazing in a former trench area


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