Travel Thursday - Nova Scotia 2005

    My sis-in-law and her family were living in Nova Scotia for a couple of years, so of course we went to visit.

    We went to Annapolis Valley and picked apples and pears with Jacob.

    We saw a HUGE pumpkin (ok, it wasn't real...).

    We went to see the Bluenose in Lunenburg.

    I loved some of the old Victorian houses in Lunenburg, so I took some photos. Years later a friend was showing us some photos of her grandparents house in Lunenburg and I said "I have a photo of that house!" it had been about 4 years since I had even looked at the photos I had taken, but I remembered it, even though it was painted a different colour! The house had been used in the 1972 film "Happy Mother's Day, Love George", starring Bobby Darin, Cloris Leachman, and Ronny Howard.

    We went to Peggy's Cove of course, where I took many pictures of the lighthouse...one of my favourite subjects. I went on to paint that lighthouse and actually won Best in Show for that painting "Beckoning", adjudicated by Ed Roche. It was the first time I had met Ed and he came up and introduced himself to me earlier that day. He asked if he could talk to me about my paintings. I said of course. So we went over to them. One of the ones on display was "Floating Majesty". he asked if he could give me some feedback. I said yes! He told me it was quite lovely and would have won Best in Show but it wasn't quite finished. So he told me 3 minor things that needed adjusting (which I did as soon as I got home that evening). But he never mentioned "Beckoning" to me. I was sad that I had almost won. So a little later on, the Best in Show award was given out and it was for the other painting "Beckoning" that Ed didn't even mention! I was shocked and so happy! Have a look at my original photo and the award winning painting of it!


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